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What is FreezeSMS?What does FreezeSMS emulate?

FreezeSMS is an emulator which works under Windows. As the name suggests an emulator "emulates" or mimics something. In FreezeSMS's case it emulates old consoles and computer systems.

The software from these systems can then be run on this emulation and it doesn't know that it isnt on the original machine.

This allows you to run the original software written for an entirely different machine on your Windows PC.

FreezeSMS currently emulates these systems:-
  • Sega Master System(SMS)
  • Nintendo(NES)
  • GameGear(GG)
  • SG1000(SG)
  • ColecoVision(COL)
FreezeSMS has very high compatability

Where Do I Get The Games?What Do I Need to Get Started?

You can either download the software or games used on FreezeSMS from the internet or if you want you can make a "copier-unit" and upload the software or games to your PC. You can download some games here :- It is entirely legal to backup your own cartridges or software. You shouldn't download software from the above sites unless you already own it.

First off you should make sure your PC can handle running FreezeSMS. FreezeSMS is a complex program and as such you won't be able to fully enjoy it unless you have at least a "Pentium 200" computer.

Here are the steps :-

What features does FreezeSMS have?Can I do anything to help?

FreezeSMS has many major features :-
  • Graphics scaling upto 1600x1200
  • Full Sound emulation, including voices
  • Lightgun emulation
  • Paddle Emulation
  • Netplay Support. Play games over internet/lan
  • Save States
  • You can record yourself playing a game and send it to a friend
  • Full BIOS support. Play the games exactly the way you used to
  • Pro Action Replay support and inbuilt debugger
  • Fantastic user interface with support for FRZ Files

We are always open to contributions. First off you can donate some MONEY if you think FreezeSMS is worth it.

Secondly we are always looking for people to do small odd jobs for us, such as compatibility testing and error reporting.

Finally If you have any suggestions then just get in contact us and describe your ideas, we are always open to new ideas.

Simply get in CONTACT with us.

FreezeSMS coded by Jason Starr (jasonstarr AT emuunlim D0T com)
Interface coded by Maxim (maxim AT cwos D0T net)